For Vlodek and Danuta Tydor, husband and wife team, Art has always been their life. Over the years they have gained valuable knowledge and experience by applying their versatile talents and skills to variety of media.

Vlodek graduated from Mechanical Engineering College in Zielona Gora, Poland. His interests, however, lay elsewhere and due to his artistic nature and talent, he got involved in designing and building miniature scale urban projects for an architectural company. His interests eventually extended to photography, short films, wood carving and watercolour painting.

After coming to Canada he was hired by a Picture Framing Gallery. During that time he decided to learn the fundamentals of Stained Glass, which he would later incorporate into his designs and creations.

Danuta graduated from Architectural Technology College in Zielona Gora, Poland, as an Interior Designer. She worked in related fields, pursued variety of media such as painting, tapestry weaving, designing creative fashion and hand-built clay sculptures. Presently Danuta is working with both, clay and oil painting media.

Tydors’ talents were gaining recognition and were awarded numerous times by variety of organizations in Poland and Canada.

From 1983 to 1997 they owned and operated an Art Gallery, a Gift Shop and a Boutique in St. Jacobs, Kitchener and Toronto, Ontario, selling their own creations, as well as other Canadian fellow artists’ work.

Since 1994 Tydors joined forces to pursue a career in wholesale and got involved with the clay medium, creating an innovative line of contemporary sculptures, which can be seen in many art galleries and gift shops across Canada and US.


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